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We are looking for motivated colleagues who want to learn the ropes of data management. Are you looking for a fun work environment, ready to take on a new challenge? Are you studying? Or have you just graduated? Perhaps a traineeship at is what’s right for you!

Who are we?

We are a relatively small and new company specialised in Microsoft-based infrastructural data solutions, such as database environments, data integrations, and business intelligence. We manage our customers’ systems, support their projects, and offer consultancy on a variety of data-related challenges.

As a team, we are up for a good laugh every now and then, but we do know when to put our head down. Besides the work itself, we consider a pleasant work environment very important, too. Furthermore, showing initiative and engagement is highly appreciated.


What to expect from us?

  • A convivial team
  • Personal coaching
  • A work environment that appreciates showing initiative and engagement
  • Co-workers who are not to be taken too seriously
  • Coffee, tea, and soda pop
  • Every now and then, some French fries served with satay
  • Reimbursement of the study materials you require to learn the ropes with us
  • An opportunity to learn on the job


What will you be doing?

That fully depends on what you would want to focus on and whatever you feel an affinity towards within data management. There are several routes for you to take, but you will focus on obtaining a Microsoft certificate in any case. This will allow you to specialise in the products we work with. You are free to decide on your own approach: do you like to educate yourself by reading a book? Then you’ll be reading a book. Do you prefer a hands-on approach that allows you to start working with the products we work with right away? You can do so on our test servers. Of course, we will be ready help you out if you need help.

Our learning programme is not set in stone. You will join us when we visit our clients from day 1. You get to work on tasks and challenges we are faced with – e.g., developing a possible new service, optimising an existing service, analysing a data-related issue one of our customers is hoping to tackle, or perhaps an issue we are dealing with. Furthermore, you will eventually start working on assignments issued by our customers.


What do we expect from you?

  • You prioritise customer satisfaction
    As a service-oriented company, we work for our customers. A dissatisfied customer is a customer lost. A happy customer is a loyal one.
  • You feel an affinity towards IT
    We consider it important you like what you will be doing.
  • You are eager to learn
    This is not just relevant as a trainee. The IT industry continues to develop, which reinforces the need to learn.
  • You have a keen eye for detail and work meticulously
    Amongst other things, accuracy is important because we provide our customers with service. One careless little mistake can have grave consequences.
  • You can hold your ground
    At times, we can be rather direct to one another – in a positive way!
  • You can work independently, but you don’t mind asking for help either
    Although we would love to be able to know when you need support and when you’re doing fine on your own, we can’t – so do keep us posted.



You will be working with the following products:

Having worked with some of the following products is always a plus:

  • SQL Server (and/or one its tools)
  • TSQL (or any other SQL-language)
  • Windows (server)
  • Azure
  • Powershell
  • Visual Studio
  • PowerBi


Have you become interested in a traineeship at after having read the job advertisement? Send us an email at in which you introduce yourself and lay out your motivation – and add preferably your CV. We will send you an invitation to a first introductory meeting at our office! We hope to see you soon!

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